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Letters: Confident

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Letters: Confident

We feel very confident that Carolyn Long should be our congressional representative.

She grew up working hard. She has been a political science professor at Washington State University-Vancouver for 23 years. That gives her the knowledge of how to work within the political system and how to achieve consensus. She has held almost 30 in-person town hall meetings because she wants to hear what we have to say. She believes being our representative doesn’t mean making decisions for us – it means making decisions with us. Her mantra is “people over politics.”  

Carolyn loaned her campaign $5,500, but this is a small amount compared to other support including $36,000 from PACs (labor) and more than $600,000 in donations from more than 3,000 individuals.

Carolyn is running for Congress to help our country and to fight for the concerns of the people who live in this community. She has a history of facilitating divided groups to achieve consensus.   We urge you to vote for Carolyn Long.