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Bentley for representative

Yakima Herald - Letter to the editor
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Bentley for representative

To the editor — In a time where strong opinions are dividing us within our communities, and even within families, my vote goes beyond issues and political parties. We all need our voices heard, our needs understood, our values respected. I don’t expect to agree with my representatives on every issue and will not vote for a politician strictly adhering to a party line.

I vote for those who will represent the needs and values that we share, despite our differences. When segments of our community feel disregarded, the resulting hurt and hostility make it impossible to pull together for our mutual benefit.

Two candidates who stand out as reaching across party lines are Sasha Bentley, candidate for the 14th District, and Carolyn Long, candidate for Congress. They have been traveling throughout their districts, listening, not just where the most or likeliest voters are found, but to the far and sparsely-populated corners. Sasha and Carolyn understand what representation means in districts where widely divergent views are held. They are looking to focus on the values and needs we do share. Give them a close look. I hope you will vote for them, but more than that, I hope you will vote!