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Letters: Time for change

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Letters: Time for change

It is time for change!

I am a retired educator and serviceman. For almost 40 years I worked with young people Oregon and Washington. For the last 27 years of my career I was a school administrator in the Evergreen School District in Vancouver. My wife is a registered Republican. I believe it is time to choose Carolyn Long as a replacement for Jamie Herrera Beutler.

I am asking that you look past the party label that may have directed your vote in the past to delve into how our candidates stand on the issues. Jamie votes the Trump agenda 90 percent of the time. She touts a tax plan that clearly gave much more to the upper 10 percent than it gave to you.

I am asking you to dig deeply into the issues and seek more than an “R” or a “D” as your reason for voting. Carolyn Long’s website is a valuable tool.

It is time for change! Cast a vote for Carolyn to make it happen.