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Here's how we expand the playing field, elect awesome women, and take back the House in 2018

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Here's how we expand the playing field, elect awesome women, and take back the House in 2018
Top row (from left): Carolyn Long, Sharice Davids, Lauren Underwood, Betsy Rader. Bottom row: Mary Barzee Flores, Xochitl Torres-Small, Kara Eastman, Kathleen Williams, Lucy McBath

Democrats not only have the chance to take back the House this fall, they have a long-overdue opportunity to reshape the face of the party itself and make it look more like its voters—and the country as a whole. We’re here to seize that moment.

Our republic faces an unprecedented threat, but Donald Trump represents only one-half of the danger. Congressional Republicans are the other. In the face of Trump’s corruption of office, abuses of power, evisceration of alliances, and denigration of democracy, they have stood in total silence. They have refused to curb him, to investigate him, to take any action that suggests anything other than complete acquiescence to Trump’s norm-smashing carnage.

It’s proof that there’s only one political party that cares about protecting our nation, which is why Democrats have to win control of the House, stand up for America, and finally put the brakes on Trump and his enablers. And we’re going to do it with women leading the way, which is why Daily Kos is pleased to announce we’re endorsing a fantastic new slate of candidates—all of whom are running for GOP-held seats:

From the moment Trump was inaugurated, women have stood at the forefront of the resistance. Ever since, they have shown up in record-smashing numbers to run for office, powered by an extraordinary wave of grassroots enthusiasm. But they need our help.

Please give $1 to each of these women running to take back the House!

In selecting all of these contenders, we're very explicitly trying to expand the playing field by getting involved in more difficult races, many in red-leaning districts. Here, though, our dollars go furthest because these contests aren’t already flooded with cash. And if we can give these candidates a boost, we can inspire others to do the same and force the GOP to seriously sweat all of these races.

But Republicans still have two major advantages that have ensured their lock on power: extreme gerrymanders and bottomless dark money. What’s more, they know that if Democrats win the House, their rancid party will come to a crashing halt. That means no more tax cuts for the wealthy, and no more free pass for Trump. They’re going to fight as dirty as they can to keep the music spinning.

We can answer their tainted super PAC cash with people-powered small-dollar donations, but we need to get moving ASAP, before Republicans flood the airwaves with false attacks. This is a momentous opportunity. Let’s make the most of it.

Donate $1 now to these Daily Kos-endorsed women who will help us win the House!