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Letter to the Editor: Long Will Work to Preserve Social Security, Medicare

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Letter to the Editor: Long Will Work to Preserve Social Security, Medicare

Carolyn Long is a dynamic new voice and force to represent us in the U.S. House of Representatives.

She has conducted over 30 town hall meetings in which she met with 3rd District folks face-to-face to hear their concerns. Our current congresswoman opted for the telephone meeting type. Pretty lame and impersonal outreach, in our opinion.

Rep. Jaime Herrera-Beutler voted for the Trump tax cut, which gives 83 percent of benefits to the top 1 percent. When lots of folks are struggling, why did she vote to give yet more money to people and corporations who are already sitting on piles of it?

  Republicans have long had their eye on making cuts to Medicare and Social Security, referring to them as entitlements like they are a gift or some kind of welfare payment. 

We have contributed a lot of money to these programs over many years of work. We have rightfully earned our Social Security and Medicare benefits just like everyone who participates.

Check out the new Trump proposals for decreasing Medicare benefits. Carolyn Long will work to preserve these benefits for us and shore up the best parts of the Affordable Care Act. She will work to prevent penalizing people for pre-existing conditions. How would our current Republican congresswoman vote on these issues?

Carolyn Long will use her influence and vote to stand up to the Donald Trump flim/flam suck-up-to-Putin circus. Remember when honesty and truth meant something? Are you sick of the current presidency that features impulsive tweet storms, constant lying to us, and vicious personal attacks on decent people?

We urge you to support Carolyn Long for Congress.

  Go Carolyn!