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Letter: By the Numbers

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Letter: By the Numbers

The Feb. 2 article about candidates for the 3rd Congressional District was misleading. Carolyn Long has raised more money per month than any other candidate, including Jaime Herrera Beutler.

Long raised $34,600 from individual donors in 31 days (Nov. 30-Dec. 31), while the incumbent, Jaime Herrera-Beutler raised only $52,000 from individual donors in 90 days, and David McDevitt raised only $4,495.00.

Do the math. The fundraising trendline is not promising for Herrera Beutler, and clearly demonstrates the enthusiasm for Long in our district.

And loaning yourself $300,000, as McDevitt did, is not “fundraising.”

Long is a far better choice than the incumbent. She supports working families, not rich Republican donors and oligarchs. She is a bridge builder, not a party apparatchik. She will bring positive change – and town halls – to her constituents, not empty promises, and telephonic avoidance techniques. It’s time for a Congressional representative who represents us, instead of hiding from us.

We look forward to reclaiming a district that has been solidly Democratic for 46 of the last 58 years.

Patrick Kubin