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Letter: Unjustified

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Letter: Unjustified

My take on the allusions (“carpetbagger”) being directed toward Carolyn Long by some of her opponents is that they are completely unjustified.

Long has taught at Washington State University for 22 years and during that time has had more than three thousand students from the Pacific Northwest. More than 95 percent of them still live in the area.

In addition, she has consulted with 12 groups as a facilitator to help achieve consensus. More recently she has been visiting with about 2,000 individuals and more than 12 community groups to listen to their issues and concerns.   Her town hall sessions (face to face with no limit on the questions or selective choices) have been largely in rural areas.

I believe that she should be judged on the merits of what she can bring to Washington D.C.

Her intelligence and proven experience in helping people with different opinions move forward is a much needed asset in our nation’s capitol.