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Seek the facts before voting

The Reflector - Letter to the editor
Seek the facts before voting

This is in response to the Letter to the Editor in the June 20 edition of The Reflector.

  Carolyn Long held a town hall meeting in Longview on June 19. At that meeting, I asked how she was raising campaign funds? She responded that she was only accepting donations from individuals and certain Union PACs that reflect her values. Carolyn stated she is not taking money from “Wall Street corporations” or “predatory pharmaceutical companies” as stated in the letters referred to above. She emphasized she did not want to be beholding to large, faceless entities but rather would work for her local constituency.

  No matter what political party one professes to support, repeating lies is propaganda, not political discourse. In this time of “fake” everything, it behooves us all to try to use information grounded in fact or truth.