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Letters: Accountable

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Letters: Accountable

Jaime Herrera Beutler is good on “apple pie and ice cream issues.” Consider these examples. Nobody wants a horde of non-native sea lions gobbling up endangered salmon. She is for killing sea lions. Nobody wants to pay tolls to go to Oregon via already paid for bridges. She opposes tolls. That’s nice.

However, the man who occupies the White House received election aid and support from Vladimir Putin, the murderous Russian dictator. Putin kills journalists and political foes. Trump praises him. “He’s fine.”   If there is any information about what Jaime has done or will do about Russian interference in our democracy, it hasn’t been in the news. The Russians will interfere in this year’s elections. She has not endorsed legislation to protect the Mueller investigation. Maybe she thinks Russian interference is fine if it benefits Republicans.

Carolyn Long says, “We must hold Russia accountable for meddling in our elections, and it is imperative that we take immediate and decisive steps to defend against future cyber warfare.”   You will choose who goes to Congress next!