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Letters: Best bet

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Letters: Best bet

Republicans in Congress have announced that their budget for this coming year will include deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare (which will eliminate pre-existing conditions) and Medicaid. We must get Democrats in control of Congress so this will not happen! In the 3rd congressional District, Carolyn Long is our best bet to beat the incumbent Republican.

Since announcing her grassroots campaign, she has conducted over 20 town halls, attended numerous events throughout Cowlitz County and raised over $300,000 from individual donors. This is the kind of energy we need to get things accomplished in Congress.  

Carolyn Long has a deep understanding of how government works, having taught Civics at Washington State University Vancouver for 22 years. She comes from a working class family, having worked her way through college at Safeway. She is determined to get big money out of politics, with over 90 percent of her donations coming from individual donors.

Most importantly, she has integrity and transparency, two qualities that are rare in today's politics. Carolyn Long has my vote in the Aug. 7 primary.