Endorse Carolyn Long for Congress

Carolyn is endorsed by:


  • DCCC
  • Emily's List
    Emily's List
  • The Columbian
    The Columbian
  • Daily Kos
    Daily Kos
  • Planned Parenthood Action Fund
    Planned Parenthood Action Fund
  • Northwest Carpenters Local 146
    Northwest Carpenters Local 146
  • Laborers International Union of North America Local 335
    Laborers International Union of North America Local 335
  • Washington and Northern Idaho District Council of Laborers
    Washington and Northern Idaho District Council of Laborers
  • National Women's Political Caucus
    National Women's Political Caucus
  • Clark County Democratic Women
    Clark County Democratic Women
  • UA Local 290 Plumbers and Steamfitter
    UA Local 290 Plumbers and Steamfitter
  • UA Local 26
    UA Local 26
  • Teamsters Local 58
    Teamsters Local 58
  • Washington State 18th LD Democrats
    Washington State 18th LD Democrats
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
  • Washington State Teamsters
    Washington State Teamsters
  • Laborers' International Union of North America (LiUNA)
    Laborers' International Union of North America (LiUNA)
  • Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO
    Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO
  • American Federation of Teachers - Washington
    American Federation of Teachers - Washington
  • Washington Federation of State Employees
    Washington Federation of State Employees
  • International Association of Fire Fighters - Local 452 (IAFF)
    International Association of Fire Fighters - Local 452 (IAFF)
  • Young Democrats of Clark County (YDCC)
    Young Democrats of Clark County (YDCC)
  • Iron Workers District Council of the Pacific Northwest
    Iron Workers District Council of the Pacific Northwest
  • Retired Public Employees Council (RPEC)
    Retired Public Employees Council (RPEC)
  • Young Democrats of Washington
    Young Democrats of Washington
  • Washington State Federation of Democratic Women
    Washington State Federation of Democratic Women
  • Klickitat County Democratic Party
    Klickitat County Democratic Party
  • OneAmerica Votes
    OneAmerica Votes
  • Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
    Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Alliance for Gun Responsibility
    Alliance for Gun Responsibility
  • United Food and Commercial Workers
    United Food and Commercial Workers
  • Teamsters International
    Teamsters International
  • Indivisible Greater Vancouver
    Indivisible Greater Vancouver
  • Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle
    Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle
  • United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
    United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
  • Ironworkers International
    Ironworkers International
  • Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757 (ATU)
    Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757 (ATU)
  • Feminist Majority PAC
    Feminist Majority PAC
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU)
    International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU)
  • Washington State Council of County and City Employees - Council 2
    Washington State Council of County and City Employees - Council 2
  • Painters & Allied Trades District 5
    Painters & Allied Trades District 5
  • American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
    American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
  • United Association
    United Association
  • Sierra Club
    Sierra Club
  • End Citizens United
    End Citizens United
  • National Education Association (NEA)
    National Education Association (NEA)
  • League of Conservation Voters Action Fund
    League of Conservation Voters Action Fund
  • Washington State 17th LD Democrats
    Washington State 17th LD Democrats
  • Washington State 49th LD Democrats
    Washington State 49th LD Democrats
  • Clark County Democrats
    Clark County Democrats
  • Democrats of Pacific County
    Democrats of Pacific County
  • Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers Union Local 153
    Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers Union Local 153
  • Human Rights Campaign
    Human Rights Campaign
  • Washington Machinists Council
    Washington Machinists Council
  • Chinook Observer
    Chinook Observer
  • The Wahkiakum County Eagle
    The Wahkiakum County Eagle
  • Everytown for Gun Safety
    Everytown for Gun Safety

Elected Officials

  • Barack Obama (Former President)
  • I’m proud to endorse Carolyn Long because I know she’ll show up and fight for working folks in Southwest Washington every day in Congress. Carolyn grew up in a family that struggled to make ends meet, even briefly dropping out of 7th grade to help run her father’s small produce stand, and worked a union job to put herself through college. Congress needs more people like Carolyn who understand that working families need champions protecting their access to affordable healthcare and building an economy that works for everyone. I know she’ll serve her community with integrity in D.C.
    Joe Biden (Former Vice President)
  • With the Trump administration attacking our democratic institutions on a daily basis, we need people in Congress who will fight back. Carolyn Long is a constitutional law scholar who knows how important those institutions are, and will be the voice working-class families need in Congress. I have no doubt Carolyn will put the people of Southwest Washington first, and I'm proud to endorse her.
    Elizabeth Warren (Senator)
  • Carolyn Long has energized the 3rd District. After serving her community as an educator for the last twenty-three years, she's ready to take her dedication to Congress. From growing up working at her family's produce stand to teaching generations of students, she has lived the experience of so many 3rd District residents. I know that Carolyn will be a champion for all Southwest Washington families, students, workers, and seniors--working for access to affordable health care, quality education, good jobs with growing wages, and more. I am proud to endorse her campaign and look forward to working with her to keep fighting for the people of Southwest Washington.
    Patty Murray (Senator)
  • With each passing day, Donald Trump and the House GOP bring us closer to a full-blown constitutional crisis. Our nation needs people in Congress to fight for the institutions that preserve our democracy and protect the security of the American people.
    Carolyn Long is one of those people. She is a Constitutional Law expert who knows the importance of these institutions and how they can best serve all Americans. As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, I have witnessed the destructive policies of the Trump Administration firsthand. Carolyn is a voice we need in Congress. Her unique experience brings a skill set our country will benefit from enormously.
    Carolyn will stand for the Constitution and a return to common sense governance. I am proud to stand with her.

    Ted Lieu (Current Representative for California's 33rd CD)
  • Carolyn Long earned my endorsement because of her commitment to supporting our veterans, strengthening our public schools, and creating family-wage jobs. Carolyn Long will work to level the playing field so everybody has the opportunities to succeed. She’s going to be a great member of Congress and I cannot wait to serve with her.
    Adam Smith (Current Representative for Washington's 9th CD)
  • Carolyn's decades of service to her community as an educator and experience fostering civil, productive debate on big issues we face as a nation make her uniquely qualified to represent the people of Southwest Washington. I know Carolyn will work with both parties to get the federal resources Southwest Washington needs to rebuild its aging infrastructure and to bring more high-wage jobs to the district. I'm proud to endorse Carolyn Long for Washington's 3rd Congressional District, and I look forward to working with her to solve the problems facing the families of Southwest Washington.
    Jay Inslee (Washington State Governor)
  • Carolyn’s solutions-minded approach to governing and dedication to helping those who disagree find common ground will make her an effective representative in Congress. Carolyn's work in her community over the last twenty-two years and connection to hundreds of families through her teaching gives her unique insight into the challenges faced by 3rd District residents.
    Christine Gregoire (Former Washington State Governor)
  • Her dedication to our constitutional system makes her an ideal candidate to serve as a check on this executive and protect the rights of Southwest Washingtonians. Carolyn Long is the right person to represent Washington's 3rd Congressional District in Congress.
    Bob Ferguson (Washington State Attorney General)
  • Carolyn Long is just the kind of person we need to fight the special interests and bring common sense and real solutions to Congress. She will show up every day to work for ALL the people of Southwest Washington and she won't be afraid to challenge party power brokers or the administration. It's time for us to have a real representative in Congress - It's time for Carolyn Long for Congress!
    Brian Baird (Former Representative for Washington's 3rd CD.)
  • Carolyn Long is the ideal choice to represent the Third Congressional District. We must capture this moment, not only to elect Carolyn Long, but to put Democrats as the Majority in the House of Representatives.
    Don Bonker (Former Representative for Washington's 3rd CD.)
  • She’s says it isn’t about what we really want, but what can we really get. That’s what we need more of back in Washington, D.C. You’ve got to be practical and realistic, and try to get things done.
    Dean Takko (Senator, WA 19th LD)
  • Beth Doglio (House of Representative, WA 22nd LD)
  • Jack Burkman (Vancouver City Council)
  • Scott Johnson (Pacific County Sheriff)
  • Doug Lasher (Clark County Treasurer)
  • Joyce Lindsay (Position 4, Washougal City Council)
  • I was excited to hear that Carolyn is running for Congress, in part because she has a stellar reputation with her colleagues and students. More importantly, she has an in-depth knowledge of law and policy and the necessary connection with the people and needs of SW Washington to make a difference. She is a formidable candidate and I fully endorse her!
    Donna Sinclair (WSUV Adjunct History Professor, Washougal School Board, Dr.)
  • Ty Stober (Vancouver City Council)


  • Carolyn brings to the congressional 3rd race a sense of vitality and ethical values. Both my wife Dawn and myself wish her well in this new political adventure.
    Richard Lee Dreier
  • I am 100% behind Dr. Long. She is exactly who we need fighting for our values.
    Adriane Drozdek
  • Such a breath of fresh air!
    Mary Ann Sukovaty-Sun
  • Carolyn is exceptionally competent, capable, and courageous. She will provide the 3rd. district with a thoughtful and focused voice to work for the interests of all not just some.
    Brad Skinner
  • Carolyn will be a much-needed Congresswoman for the 3rd District.
    Robert Brake
  • Carolyn supports getting big money out of elections, effective job training, building and repairing our infrastructure, affordable healthcare,and improved services and support for veterans. She is exactly the representative that SW Washington needs. I wholeheartedly support this brilliant empathetic candidate who will listen to her constituents and act on their best interest.
    Deena Kerr
  • Dr. Long was my college professor at Washington State University in Vancouver. In one semester, I learned a ton about Public Dilberation and what it truly meant to be vested into the community! She led her students into communities and let us lead tough conversations with adults that were concerned about future problems. Dr. Long is aware of the many issues our nation is facing and is a breathe of fresh air, we can have an intelligent adult return to the room. Her opponents don’t question her knowledge, her degree, her experience or anything that’s problematic to them. They attempt to scare voters into believing she hasn’t lived here “long” and that there is no local loyalty. I say without a doubt that the fear tactics will not scare the public away. Dr. Long is the best fit Progressive Candidate for this position and no amount of molarchy should slow up the vote! We have a lot to fight for, we need a fighter on our side and not someone representing the 1%!
    Vote Dr. Carolyn Long!

    Nathan Wilfong
  • You give me HOPE for the future of our country.
    Patricia Clark
  • I support Carolyn Long for Congress!
    Betty Barkley
  • Smart, progressive woman! Just what we need.
    Linda Bitter
  • I have heard Carolyn speak clearly and directly about the pragmatic approach she would take in representing all of us in Congress. To have such easy access to Carolyn and to be able to have an intelligent discussion on the pressing issues we face as a state and nation. Carolyn represents a massive and exciting improvement over Jamie's complete failure at the job. I am looking forward to Carolyn being my representative.
    Robert Wilmington
  • If the Democratic Party had run Carolyn Long in 2014, Jamie Herrera Beutler wouldn't be our Congresswoman today. A fresh breath of air in an atmosphere of policy votes by Beutler which hurt citizens up and down the District, year in and year out. I'm 100% certain Carolyn Long will be a successful candidate this August & November, and a terrific Congresswoman for years to come.
    Angela Marx
  • Carolyn is the right and only person for the job!
    Christopher Bjorkman
  • Time for JHB to go!!
    John Philbrook
  • I am very inspired by Carolyn's message and I believe she is the right choice for the 3CD seat.
    Brandon Wick
  • Carolyn Long has spent her life developing the kind of critical analysis and problem solving skills needed to get our country on the right track. She is deeply invested in democracy and making government work for everyone.
    Brody Sargent
  • It is so refreshing to finally support a person who is intelligent, and is concerned about people and the betterment of their lives, as apposed to the current climate of blind subservience to political party line.
    Gordon Mason
  • Please see comments per partner Julie DeSmith for specifics endorsement already posted mid February.
    Jackie Parker
  • Carolyn Long is the person I have been waiting for to represent me in Congress for a long time. She is intelligent, articulate, and understands what the people of SW Washington need in a representative. We have been without representation for far too long. Thank you Carolyn for stepping up.
    Thomas Rasmussen
  • I am so happy to have a candidate like Carolyn to support this year. With all the heavy issues facing our country, we need clarity, common sense, and a voice for the people!
    Finally, a representative that truly listens and communicates the values of our diverse community!
    Go Carolyn!
    Let's flip this seat!!!

    Sara Kern
  • What a refreshing contrast to Jamie Herrera. She has become a rubber stamp to Trumpism. Let's retake the House in November!!!
    Jerry Wilson
  • Carolyn Long possesses the expertise, effectiveness, and empathy to serve the people of Washington’s Third Congressional District with distinction and humility. She genuinely cares about the people and our current and future collective progress.
    Michael Newman
  • We attended an in-person town hall with Carolyn and were immediately impressed with her intellect, sense of humor, and her genuine interest in listening to the thoughts and concerns of the people in the room. She will be a strong and thoughtful representative for our district. We look forward to doing what we can to help get her elected!
    Frank & Susan Hackett
  • After reading her book, "Religious Freedom and Indian Rights: The Case of Oregon v. Smith," I am convinced (a) that Carolyn knows her Constitutional law, and (b) that she will be an advocate for Democratic ideals.
    James Maynard
  • Carolyn Long is intelligent, articulate, and passionate about Democratic values. She is the best chance we have to unseat Republican Herrera. Carolyn holds a degree in Political Science and has taught and worked at Washington State University in Vancouver for more than 20 years. She She has my strong support.
    Patrick Kubin
  • I saw Carolyn at the 1 year later event. She is the perfect storm. She knows the constitution, which is being assaulted daily by our current administration. I am 100% behind this candidate. I also own a small manufacturing business in Vancouver with 12 Employees.
    Charlene O'Day
  • Carolyn is smart, articulate, genuine, and the right person to represent my community in the 3rd district.
    Kristrun Grondal
  • I am endorsing Carolyn Long because I believe she has all of the qualities necessary to be a highly effective congresswoman - including a deep understanding of constitutional law - as well as the intellect, the analytical skills, the work ethic, the empathy and compassion and, above all, the good character necessary to represent the people of the 3rd Congressional district in Washington.
    Elizabeth Madrigal
  • What struck me about Carolyn was her energy and her clarity about what she stood for.
    Margaret Geier
  • We must stop the circus now, Carolyn has the ability and understanding of how to do just that.
    John Ladd
  • Jami has to go! Southwest Washington must do its part in removing majority power from the Trump protectionist Republicans in the House of Representatives. Carolyn Long will not be afraid to have open meetings with the public. Jami is afraid to face the public in open meetings.
    Darrel Ammons
  • Dear Ms. Long,
    I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about your candidacy. I plan to attend your private event in Ridgefield at the Eid's on 2/21. I look forward to meeting you there. Thank you so much for your willingness to support our district! Gretchen Grey-Hatton

    Gretchen Grey-Hatton
  • It is exciting to see a candidate generate the excitement Carolyn does. It's past time for JHB to go, and I look forward to working for Carolyn to make it happen!
    Jon Cole
  • Carolyn Long is brilliant, articulate and personable, JHB would be crazy to debate Carolyn because JHB would end up looking like a buffoon, of course she won't debate so we'll never have the pleasure. It will be wonderful to have one of the great political minds in the nation representing Washington's 3rd Congressional District.
    Bob Dingethal
  • Carolyn Long has the knowledge to formulate sound public policy, the values and empathy to work on behalf of the entire community, and the skill to ethically and skillfully work with others with different perspectives and political philosophies that will make her an exceptional Member of Congress.
    Phil Landesberg
  • Finally, a candidate that makes sense in many ways. I like that hundreds of young people know Carolyn from their classroom experience and as many parents have trusted their children to Carolyn's perspective of our representative democracy. Her commitment to being our face to face representative is very refreshing and to my mind fufills the intent of our government being - of, by and for the people.
    Gale Long
  • Go Carolyn!
    Lee L. Jensen
  • I’ve known Carolyn almost eighteen years. I’ve seen the good work she’s done in SW Washington that entire time. I know this about Carolyn with absolute certainty. She’s a person of deep integrity. She’s a person who is compassionate. They are two of the most critical qualities for a representative in government in my mind. But there’s more. She’s smart. She’s hopeful. She’s got a sense of humor. And her tank is never empty. She will serve this district with honor, sincerity, and inclusiveness. We are beyond fortunate to have her as a candidate for our representative in Washington, DC.
    Bruce Romanish
  • Carolyn Long would be an excellent representative of the 3rd District. She has the intellect and skills to navigate the political process for the benefit of her constituents unlike the incumbent who supports failed and failing policies that can and will cause harm to the people in her district.
    Ted Gathe
  • It is important to support education at all levels in order to improve the lives of people in District 3. Jamie is out of touch with the constituency.
    Phyllis Solomon
  • We fully support Carolyn Long. She represents ALL OF US - not just the selfish & corrupt Politicians!
    Barry & Leslie Dahl
  • Carolyn provides the first ray of hope since the 2016 election. I think she's a strong and worthy opponent against Herrera-Butler in 2018.
    Carol Mackey
  • We are arguably the richest and most powerful nation in the world. We need someone to champion education and health care for us in Washington, D.C. Carolyn Long has the credentials, integrity and the heart to help us all here in SW Washington.
    Mike Briggs
  • As a professor of criminology and sociology, I know Carolyn understands the complex issues of crime, substance abuse, and mental health in our community.
    Nick McRee
  • We need a Congress woman/man who listens to the people they represent- not the party lines drawn in concrete. Carolyn practices active listening! She truly gets it.
    Louise Jenkins
  • I can say with all confidence and conviction that Carolyn will work very hard to fairly and honestly represent her constituents. She can improve the effectiveness and results of our political system, when given the opportunity by the voters of the 3rd Congressional District.
    Gail Hedding
  • We need Fair representation in Congress! "Country before Party"
    Richard Closson
  • Defeat Jaimie and get this train back on the tracks!
    Joe Hobson
  • Carolyn Long has all the right qualities I'm looking for in my representative: smart, compassionate and hardworking. She's strong enough to be independent and put people and issues above politics.
    Kelly Love
  • I have known Carolyn Long since 2013, and have seen her dedication not only to her students but also to the cause of bringing civility back into political conversations through her work with the Initiative for Public Deliberation. She is active in mobilizing students and citizens to talk through difficult issues and come to a better understanding of each other’s point of view. Due to this work and seeing first-hand what she is capable of I find myself very excited about her running to represent the 3rd Congressional District. She will be a voice for us in Washington D.C. and will fight to uphold the values that we hold dear. Her honesty, integrity, dedication, and conviction makes her the ideal candidate and representative for the citizens of Washington 3rd. I proudly endorse Carolyn Long for Congress.
    Michelle Gorham
  • Let's put citizens over party!!
    Tina Simms
  • Finally!
    Bob and Jan Verrinder
  • Carolyn is the dynamic, hard-working and talented representative we need in SW Washington!
    Clare Weber
  • Carolyn has the ideas, experience and energy to help SW Washington move forward!
    Clare Weber
  • Carolyn is the best person to represent our community in the 3rd Congressional District. She is the backbone we need in DC to have adequate representation. She is uniquely qualified: With her professional credentials, experience, and "no-nonsense" personality, she is sure to produce the results that our community wants & needs.
    Andrea Smith


  • Patrick Kubin
  • Martha "Molly" Evans
  • Richard & Carol MacMinn
  • Debbie & Greg Nelson
  • Joanne & Larry Lindberg
  • Marilyn & Mike Gordon
  • Cydney & Steve Nestor
  • Marie &Patrick Treadway
  • Harold and Geri Abbe
  • Gail Adams
  • Judith Adams
  • Sandra Lee Adamson
  • Diane Adkin
  • Becky Alexander
  • Sharon Alexander
  • Tom Alexander
  • Pete Aller
  • Darrel Ammons (Attorney in Longview)
  • Nick Ande
  • John Anderson
  • Marian Anderson
  • Bill Anholt
  • Marcy Anholt
  • Dee Anne Finken
  • Merrilee Asla Lee
  • Max Ault
  • Diana Avalos Leos
  • Amber Ayers
  • Brittany Bagent
  • Matt Baird
  • Judy Baker
  • Karen Banks
  • Betty Barkley
  • Debra Barnett
  • Steve Barnett
  • Annette Barritt
  • Jerod Bartholomew (Maintenance Manager, Yakama Nation Fisheries)
  • Barbara Bate
  • Albert Baver
  • Heather Beecher (Retired)
  • Dennis Bell
  • John Bell
  • David Bennett
  • Jeanne Bennett (CEO of Workforce SW Washington)
  • Raymond and Carolyn Bennett
  • Gail Bergeron
  • Laura Besserman
  • Bill Beville
  • Kathy Bias
  • Christi Billings
  • Doug Birch
  • Haya Bitar
  • Linda Bitter
  • Mike Bixby
  • Chris Bjorkman
  • Christopher Bjorkman (Appraisor, Dick Hannah Corp)
  • Erin Black
  • Dennis Blake
  • Michael Blankenship
  • Katheryn Bode
  • Kathryn Bode (none, retired)
  • Melissa Boles
  • Candy Bonneville
  • Jan Bono
  • Randy Boose
  • David Born
  • Carol Boyer
  • Robert Brake
  • Anna Brasher
  • Dan Brasher
  • Sandy Brasier
  • Reta Bray
  • Mike Briggs (2014 Democrat Candidate 18th LD)
  • Katie Brimhall
  • Laurie and Doug Brown
  • Andrea Buchmann
  • Jim Buchmann
  • Niis Bue
  • Bob Burda
  • Sherry Burkman
  • Ellen Burton
  • Marcia Buser
  • Joan Caley
  • Katy Campbell
  • Liz Campbell
  • Gail Cannady
  • Mike Cannady
  • Anita Cannell
  • Tim Cannell
  • Tim & Anita Cannell
  • Jeff Carlson
  • Patrick Carlson
  • Mike and Sharon Carmichael
  • Lesley Carrell
  • Ginny Carroll
  • Grace Carroll
  • Daniel Cassady
  • Marjorie Casswell (Retired)
  • Jeanne Caswell
  • Carol Cate (Adjunct Professor at Concordia University)
  • Liz Cattin
  • Ray Cattin
  • Nicole Caufield
  • Michael Caulfiled
  • paul cheek (-Select On)
  • Sanda Choate
  • Tashi Chogyal
  • Jane Christensen
  • Neal Christensen
  • Patricia Clark
  • Richard Closson (Retired)
  • Terri Closson
  • Barbara Cluasen
  • Elaine Cockrell
  • Ali Coker (Teacher in Camas School District)
  • Ian Coker
  • Floyd Cole
  • Jon Cole (Director of Technical Services, Medical Equipment Distributor)
  • Nancy Cole
  • Ann Combe
  • Ken Condliff
  • Julie Coop (Ops Manager at ComScore)
  • Betty Cooper
  • Laurie Cornelius
  • Twylla Corrie
  • Elyse Cottle
  • Betsy Cramer (Retired)
  • Ty Cramer
  • Paul Crowner
  • Dave Cummings
  • Meghaan Cummings
  • Tim Cusick
  • Barry Dahl
  • Barry & Leslie Dahl (OWSNA: Vice President (Leslie); Treasurer (Barry), (1) Longview's Old Westside Neighborhood Ass'n; (2) Friends of Longview)
  • Karen Dahl
  • Leslie Dahl
  • Jake Dailey
  • McLain Dale
  • Grace Darrow
  • Jill Davis
  • Joan Degernick
  • Lloyd DeKay
  • Ann DeKoster
  • Ann Dekoster
  • Michael DeManti
  • Joan Dengerink
  • Joanne Dennis
  • Kirsten Dennis
  • Julie DeSmith
  • Sara Develle
  • Diane Dick
  • Jaimie Ding
  • Bob Dingethal
  • Bryce Divine
  • Ryan Dougherty
  • Andrew Douglas
  • Brian Dow
  • Mike and Patty Downey
  • Jeffery Drago
  • Richard Lee Dreier (Retired, AWPPW Local 153)
  • Adriane Drozdek
  • Kathryn Dugovich
  • Laura Eccles
  • Gretchen Edwards
  • Susan Edwards (Retired)
  • Lori Eidman
  • Kay Ellison
  • Jerry Evans
  • Kristanna and Eric Eveland
  • Nancy Everly
  • Marit Federcell
  • Matthew Feist
  • Jacquelyn Ferrero-Willis
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  • Jeri Flaskerud
  • Paul Flood
  • Steve Forster
  • Karen Fox
  • Marta Franklin
  • Sylvik Freund
  • Cate Gable
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  • Jake Garcia
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  • Rick George
  • Danick Gershun
  • Richard and Laura Gill
  • Kathy Gillespie
  • Denny Gish
  • Jan Giunta
  • Terry Lou Glafka
  • Rick Glantz (Glantz Law Group)
  • Julie Goldbeck
  • Cathy Golik
  • Linda Golz
  • Antonio Gomez
  • Veronica Gomez
  • Kevin Gordon
  • Michelle Gorham
  • Kyra Gorski
  • Douglas Green
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  • Gretchen Grey-Hatton
  • Kristrun Grondal
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  • Christine Grubbs
  • Bob Guenther
  • Mike Haas
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  • Frank & Susan Hackett
  • Richard Haig
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  • robert harris (retired)
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  • Gail Hedding (Self employed)
  • Susan Helms-Deyn
  • Karen Hengerer
  • Kris Henriksen
  • Nan Henriksen
  • Dwight Herrom
  • Julie Herron
  • Tami Hess
  • JC and Laura Hewett
  • Helen Hewitt
  • Donna Hill
  • Mike Hill
  • Lea Hilyer
  • Chris Hipskind
  • Joe Hobson (Union steamfitter, Local 26)
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  • Louise Jenkins (Healthcare Program Mger, PHSW)
  • Lynn Jenkins
  • Samuel Jennings
  • Scott Jennings
  • Lee L. Jensen (Democrat!)
  • Barbara Johnson
  • Marilyn Johnson
  • Penny Johnstone
  • Pat Jollota
  • Katie Jolma
  • Karen Jostad
  • Jill Karmy
  • Cindy Kate
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  • Sara Kern (Teacher)
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  • Meredith Long
  • Kelly Love
  • Lynette Love
  • Lyle Lovingfoss
  • Susan Low-Symes
  • Jim Luce
  • Denise Lukins (Attorney, Law Office of Denise J Lukins)
  • Watson Lunt
  • Robert Lutz
  • Craig Lynch
  • Joy Maciel
  • Carol Mackey (retired, Librarian)
  • Carol and Charles Mackey
  • Charles Mackey
  • Carole MacMinn
  • Richard MacMinn
  • Elizabeth Madrigal
  • Mark Maggiora (Executive Director, Americans Building Community)
  • Angela Maguire
  • Nana Main
  • Jim Mains
  • Carol Majewski
  • Carol Majowski
  • Jasm Malozzi
  • Gregory Manin
  • Marie Marchall
  • Christy Marrs
  • Michael Martin
  • Angela Marx (Partner, @BlueRoots_Media)
  • Andrea Marzette
  • Lynn Marzette
  • Gordon Mason (Retired)
  • Joan Mason (retired teacher, 1967)
  • Atul Mathur
  • Andrey Mattoon
  • Marsha Maupoux
  • James Maynard
  • Ken McDaniel
  • Merridy McDaniel
  • Walter McDonald
  • Beverly McGuffin
  • Adnenne McKay
  • Linda McLain
  • Tamela McLaughlin (Owner, Saint Monday)
  • Nick McRee (Associate Professor, University of Portland)
  • Jackie Mcreynolds (Retired)
  • Janet Meirelles
  • Wendy Meisenbach
  • John Melink
  • Martha Mewhirter
  • Magen Michaud
  • Liliana Millan
  • David Miller
  • Jay Miller
  • Sharon Miller
  • Fay Moeller
  • Sheila Moffet
  • Tom and Sandy Montag
  • Yuki Monteth
  • Jody Moore
  • Devanie Morgan
  • Jamie Morin
  • Laurel Murphy
  • Jawar Neil
  • Jay Neil
  • Steve Nestor
  • Elizabeth Nettlfm
  • Michael Newman (Retired Teacher, Mr.)
  • Cindy Newton
  • Chris Nielson
  • Terri Niles
  • Shawn Nyman
  • Dr. Patricia O’Bannon
  • Charlene O'Day (Owner, Charter Controls)
  • Michael O'Neill
  • Hannah Oliason
  • Eric Olmsted (PRESIDENT, On Line Support, Inc.)
  • Deborah Olson
  • Lloyd Olson
  • Mary Osborn
  • Patricia Page
  • Greg Pallesen
  • Sandy Papineau
  • Jackie Parker (Coordinator Women Offender Services, Retired Clark County Corrections)
  • Alan Pasternak
  • Patricia Pasternak
  • Buddy Patten
  • Jerri Patten
  • Regina Patterson
  • Tom Patterson
  • Val Paulsen
  • Val Paulson
  • Marva Pelty
  • Paul & Sue Pennington
  • Diana Perez
  • Ethan Perry
  • Jon Perry
  • Kristine Perry
  • Marva Petty (RN)
  • Maria Peyer
  • John Philbrook (Foreman, ILWU - International Longshore and Warehouse Union)
  • Terah Pitchford
  • Uwe Plumhoff
  • Gigi Pomerantz
  • Mike Pond
  • Ashu Potnis
  • Craig Pridemore
  • Pierre Provost
  • Steve Pulliam
  • Mary Putka
  • Barbie Pyles
  • Dave Radke
  • Lynne Radke
  • Thomas Rasmussen
  • Terry & Nancy Reddish
  • Shannon Reid
  • Jason Renaud
  • Xavier Reynolds
  • Barbara Godvin Riney
  • Richard Rogers (CEO, DiversaLink Software)
  • Bruce Romanish
  • Scot Roskelley
  • Gayle Rothrock
  • Nick Ruark
  • Rheta Rubenstein
  • Claudia Russ Roseberry
  • Theresa Ryan
  • Kelly S Dekorte
  • Chris Samuels
  • Tom Samuels
  • Brody Sargent (Teachers Assistant WSU Vancouver)
  • Ward Schendel
  • Megan Schlegel
  • Rev David C Schroeder
  • Gay Selby
  • Suzanne Semke-Fox
  • Suzanne Sheuerman
  • Emma Shiluk
  • Rosemary Siipola
  • Tina Simms (United States citizen)
  • Phil Simon
  • Art Simons
  • Susie Sinclair
  • Brad Skinner
  • Tom Slater
  • Andrea Smith (PCO: Precinct 930, 14th LD)
  • Dennis Smith
  • Diane Smith
  • Katlin Smith
  • Marcia Smith
  • Uwyneu Soerkland
  • Phyllis Solomon (Associate Dean for Instruction, Retired Lower Columbia College)
  • Paul Speer
  • Romy Spooner
  • Romy and Mike Spooner
  • Linda Staples (Attorney at Law, Law Office of Linda Staples, PLLC)
  • Martin Stern
  • Sara Stern
  • Tynan Stevenson
  • Nancy Stone
  • Cyd and James Strickland
  • Brian Stromberg
  • Mary Ann Sukovaty-Sun
  • Sue Svendsen
  • Karleen Swarztrauber (Karleen Swarztrauber LLC)
  • Douglas Symes
  • Stephanie Tandberg
  • James Tharp
  • Ian Thompson
  • Kathy Thompson
  • Jim and Brenda Tiefenthaler
  • Blaine E. Tolby
  • Carla Tolle
  • Catherine Townsel
  • Marie and Patrick Treadway
  • Dani Trimble
  • Rick Trout (Retired)
  • Joan Tucker
  • Beth Turner
  • Lane VanderSluis
  • Vicki Vanneman
  • Katherine Vaughn
  • Roger Vaughn
  • Stefanos Ventopoulos
  • Bob and Jan Verrinder
  • Shairn Villa
  • Madeleine Von Laue
  • Craig Walker
  • Luci Walker
  • Jonathan Wambach
  • Clare Weber (Associate Professor, WSU Vancouver)
  • Sara Whisnant
  • Laurel Whitehurst
  • Brandon Wick (Founder, Camas Progressives)
  • Nathan Wilfong
  • Adam Wilkinson
  • Angela Wilkinson
  • Barbara Wilkinson
  • Davis Wilkinson
  • Donald Wilkinson
  • Trevin Wilkinson
  • David Williams
  • Holly Williams
  • Melissa Williams
  • Robert Wilmington
  • Jerry Wilson (Taught U.S. HISTORY & World Issues ( CWP), Retired battleground h.s.teacher/Alaska commercial fishermsn)
  • Michelle Wilson
  • Swati Wilson
  • Kay Winter
  • Rich Worwata
  • Jane Wulff
  • Dennis Yalch
  • Nancy Zimmer
  • Carolyn Zimmerman

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